Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, my dear friends, one and all;
I pray your year was been wonderful, spring, summer, and through fall.
I hope your winter has been warm, and by that I mean warm at heart;
As it’s cold outside and snow falls down, there is hope hidden in the dark.

Amidst friends and family, I hope you feel the truest love this day;
I pray that you know true happiness, and that it will always be with you, come what may.
On this day, I have but one more thing to do;
And that, my friend, is to say, I love you.


Ahh… Christmas

Cooking is going on right now. (the smells going on are EPIIIIC, people)

My brother and sister-in-love are on their way.

We’re all listening to Christmas music and bouncing around.

And in the back of our minds we’re thinking about the gift of Love that started it all, and looking forward to sitting down as a family and reading that blessed story just here in a few hours.

It’s gonna be a good Christmas here. I hope your’s is blessed as well. 🙂
Merry CHRISTmas!!!

God bless you,
With a most fervent brotherly love,