A New Year…. (2014)

A new year is upon. Less than 24 hours. Just around the corner. Some of us will go to bed like always, some of us will stay up to greet it at midnight, while still others will just be up anyway, cause they always are. 

I think it shall be quite the year. I am entering this year very different from previous years.

Just to start off, I enter this new year as a married man.

As a published author.

An unrelenting nerd. 😛

Yep. I have some goals for this year (I hope everyone has at least a few goals!) —

Mine include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Writing one or more stories (complete a rough draft or two, I hope)
  • Record more of my music (yay Yeti mic I borrowed from my bro!)
  • blog more … Cause I should do that.
  • Read more. (Have “Gods of War” by Kyle Idleman, among many others, on my list at the moment)
  • Do character sketches (both literally a sketch, and also a sketch, as in a profile of WHO they actually are as a person)
  • And listen to what God says, want me to do… and obey Him.

I hope this coming year is looking good for you. It is looking good for me, albeit there is some slight trepidation at the thought of all that might happen. But I have my best friend beside me. My other best friend as a coworker. And my greatest best friend holding my soul and leading me on. So I’m not afraid, no matter what may come.

God bless you in this new year.

Whatever is coming your way, as long as you have Jesus, and lean on Him, you can take it. In fact, you should be wanting the world to bring it on. Because this isn’t our home. Just passing through. And gonna shine bright and brighter before we go, and let them ALL know Who we serve and follow.