The 2012 OYAN Workshop

The 2012 OYAN Workshop. Was. Amazing.

I’ve thought for a while on what I could say about it, and a few of my friends have done amazing posts about it (Mig, Laura, Rachel), and have done a really great job of capturing it in words.

I don’t consider myself near a writer on their par, and to me, it truly was an indescribable experience.

Yet I feel compelled to try and say something about it, because OYAN has been, and continues to be, very life changing for me.

I was honored, and really hyped, to get to meet some people at the airport this year. Total blast, that, and really glad I was there. A few people I literally just couldn’t wait to see again.

Right off the bat, though, once I got back to campus from the airport, there was just this amazing feeling that crashed over me. Yeah. Crashed. I can’t think of a better way to describe it. It was love. And family. And there were 174 of them. And then once I got into the group, a few singled out from the crowd. My besties, and best. Mhm. Family.

Each morning started off with a small group reading the Bible and praying together, and that was really special to me.

Jeff Gerke and Mark Wilson – Amazing. Epic. Awesome. Inspiring.

Mrs. S – Incredible, as always.

Mr. S – Wow. Just wow. I cried during his last session. It was so powerful.

The critique groups were really awesome, and I was blessed to have some really great folks in mine. (The Sneak of Weasels… Y’all rock!!!) Some amazing writers are coming up. Each year more and more, and I am just so honored to be able to just *see* it.

I tend to be a bit … um… well, I like being with the people I know. Click-ish. haha. So I spent as much time as possible with my dear dear friends… it’s never enough though. I miss them terribly. But I get to see them again, I know. (*BOUNCE*)

Friday night remains totally amazing to me. There was a prayer circle, and, yeah. It was so awesome. I try not to single anyone out when I am thanking people, cause I usually end up forgetting someone and leaving them out, but…. Braden and Laura… Thank you so much. You two mean a lot to me, and I am really glad that you are who I was by.

God has renewed my passion for His things. He has shown me a glimpse of His kingdom that I’ve never had before, and I like it. And I want to be in His will and be a part of it.

In short, the Workshop was awesome.

I love all of you crazy OYANers.

God bless,

So. I’m home

Yeah. Lots of stuff has happened since I posted.

OYAN 2012 Workshops.
Young Living Grand International Convention.
And lots of stuff DURING those.

And more to come.

I am kind of going through these stages of being IMMENSELY happy and then REALLY sad/depressed. I am trying to swing it over to happy and keep it there. hehe.

So. I have the Story Soup series to finish for you guys. And I need to post about both the OYAN workshop and the YL convention!

Lots of stuff to post about.

God bless! Look out for posts here in the next few days! (maybe even today! 😉 )

(HEY.. And GG95.. if you read this.. do I have a way to contact you?? )