Desire of My Heart

A Capella cover that me and my bro did. 🙂


Christ redeemed us, saved us from endless death. On this Good Friday, I finished a song I was writing. And here I shall post the lyrics.



On a hill far away stood a cross.

It was rugged and worn, what a cost.

Oh and it was on that cross my savior died,

He laid down His life for all mankind,

His blood was shed to wash away my sin,

He bore the whips, the thorns, the cross, to save my life.

They pierced Him through, for me, for you.

He said “It is finished”, and then, it was forever through.

Then He bowed His head and died,

The greatest sacrifice.

For all our sins, His blood, it covers,

His love how great, how deep, and wide.

Then the morning, it shown, with brilliant light.

The king who had died took back His life.

He laid it down, and took it up again,

Setting aside a thorny crown, He arose: He defeated sin.

We are free, for the Son has bought us with His blood.

We worship Him, Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Saving One.