Short story – Where Angels Dare To Tread

A short story I wrote today. More of a snippet story really.


Adarel trembled. His wings shook. He was weak. Too weak.

He raises his head and looked above. “Almighty One, I pray, grant me Your grace.”

The demonlord circled him. “He will not hear. He was abandoned you, angel. You remained faithful to Him, and he abandons you. That is His way. But it is not too late; the Prince of Darkness is merciful – join us.”

Adarel used his sword to push himself off the ground. “I will forever stay true to the Almighty God.”

The demon threw back his head and laughed. “If all of those that are His faithful are as weak as you, than I know not why the Dragon should not assault and take the Heavens by force.” His red eyes glowed with an eldritch light. Hate and lust shone from them.

A gentle breeze blew over Adarel, and he felt strength flow into him as if it were a soothing stream.

“You can never win. Even against one as weak as I.”

The demon hoisted his great axe aloft. “Yet I have already defeated you. You have tread where you should not have. There are no Believers here to give you strength with their prayers. This is our land, a land consumed in darkness. You will fall here, Faithful of the Most High.”

“You will be banished into outer darkness for all eternity, here, Fallen of the Dragon.”

The demonlord roared in anger and leaped forward, his wings flaring, rushing down upon the lone angelic warrior.

But Adarel was no longer weak.

The demon was wrong.

There were Believers. And they were praying.

His sword glowed with holy light as he deflected the first blow of the new assault.

“I have tread where none should have.” He pressed forward, turning his defense into assault. “For you can never see all, as the Almighty sees.”

The demon howled in pain as Adarel’s sword cut into the flesh of his leg.

“I have tread where no angel dares, for there are Believers here. And I have brought them Word from He who sits on the Throne.”

The fallen threw himself forward attacking with all his might, desperate. But the prayers of the righteous had strengthened Adarel. The grace of the Most High guided him. He would deliver his message to the Beloved Bride, and this demon could not stop the Will of the Father from being carried out.

He raises his voice and praised the Father as he delivered the final blow.

“I am a Messenger of the Almighty God, and I shall tread where no other dares.”